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Below are links to a range of off-the-shelf training courses with workbooks and training manuals which can be customised and branded to suit specific requirements. All products can be used to support:
  • Workshops
  • Learning programmes
  • Training courses
  • Personal & professional development
  • Open and distance learning
Click on the links below to Access FREE samples and more information on each title:
Recruiting Talented Staff This workshop is intended for anyone in business that has involvement in or conducts interviews of prospective employees. More info  
Assessment Centres A–Z Managers/Employees who are responsible for assessing people during assessment centres. More info  
Personal Effectiveness This workshop is designed for candidates to clarify the purpose of their role in achieving success for their business. More info  
Communicating Effectively with Customers/Colleagues This course is intended for delegates who need to develop their ability to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues, both face to face and phone to phone, to achieve an excellent customer experience. More info  
Presentation Skills This workshop has been designed especially for Managers and line managers who give presentations to staff or external bodies. The workshop is designed to equip delegates with the basic skills and confidence to present information that will remain memorable with their audience. More info  
Developing Successful Working Relationships This practical course is aimed at all employees regularly dealing face-to-face with customers and colleagues. This course has exercises to help develop skills in assertiveness for conflict resolution and negotiation for gaining agreement that can genuinely help to develop a powerful, positive impact in working relationships. More info  
Delivering Excellent Customer Service For any staff who deliver a service to customers, and who want to develop further their communication skills in the workplace. More info  
Problem Solving for Managers This practical course is aimed at delegates needing to resolve problems and challenges affecting customers and the business. This course uses a variety of techniques to solve problems constructively, logically and creatively. Learn to resolve issues, not just the symptoms and build better long-term relationships with customers, colleagues and suppliers. More info  
Developing Your Managerial Skills This module is designed for new and experienced managers who need to increase the levels of commitment and performance of their employees. More info  
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